This year’s CyberCall is looking for solutions in the following areas:

For a start, CSA has put together a list of end-users who are looking for solutions in some of the areas mentioned above. We welcome more ideas and submissions from industry partners who have innovative ideas that address cybersecurity concerns in sectors like manufacturing, maritime, healthcare, etc.

CS01: End-to-End Normalised Threat-based Cybersecurity Risk Management System

Develop a platform or tool to support end-to-end, threat-based cybersecurity risk management that assist in threat modelling and uses data from existing IT and security tools.

CS02: Automated Governance of Users’ Permissions in Multi Cloud

Develop a solution that can connect to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to track and monitor Identity & Access Management (IAM) permissions automatically using UEBA …

CS03: Automated Prioritization of Cloud Drift Remediation in Multi Cloud Environment

Develop a solution to detect, evaluate, prioritize, and remediate configuration drifts (CDs) in the multi-cloud environment.

CS04: Non-Intrusive Data Collection from Isolated OT System

Develop a data enrichment layer for critical systems that allow remote response teams, with no physical connection to …

CS05: OT Kernel Prevention of Cyber Attacks

Construct a system within Operational Technology (OT) environment that stops cyber-attacks at the kernel level. Using data provenance and machine learning …

CS06: OT Threat Vector Path Discovery on Digital Asset Map

Develop an automated solution that extracts the current network asset map and vulnerabilities, conduct penetration test (PT) on the digital asset, discover path of intrusion of the asset …

CS07: Privacy Preserving Digital Forensics

Preserving privacy of victim while allowing digital forensic searches and analytics to be performed on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data and sensitive images or videos

CSOC: Open Category

Innovative cybersecurity proposals that do not fulfil any of the Challenge Statements can be submitted under the “Open Category”. The proposal should clearly explain the issue(s) that …

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