This year’s CyberCall is looking for solutions in the following (but not limited to) areas:

For a start, CSA has put together a list of end-users who are looking for solutions in some of the areas mentioned above.

CS01: Trusted Collaboration partner Assurance Platform 

Develop a platform/service that provides assurance of the security posture of the connected systems from partners/vendors…..

CS02: Cross Domain File transfer to High Trust Network

Traditionally, OT environment is standalone and manual processes using portable storage devices is used for data/file transfer to the OT environment. Much of these tasks require external parties………

CS03: Automated Cybersecurity Risk management for Cloud Application Change request

Develop a solution that can automate, simplify, and provide recommendation for the cybersecurity risk management for cloud application change requests…..

CSOC: Open Category

Innovative cybersecurity proposals that do not fulfil any of the Challenge Statements can be submitted under the “Open Category”. The proposal should clearly explain the issue(s) that …

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