2023 Innovation to be announced

Participating Organisations:

2023 Challenge Statements

CS01: Lightweight Security Gateway for IP-based camera and Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Lightweight defence to prevent exploitation of IP-based camera and NVR vulnerabilities.

CS02: Automated Governance of Users’ Permissions in Multi Cloud Environment

Develop a solution that can connect to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to track and monitor Identity & Access Management (IAM) permissions automatically using UEBA …

CS03: Bot Traffic Detection

To build a machine learning model that can accurately detect online and offline bot traffic in event tracking data while adhering to privacy requirements for the e commerce industry.

CSOC: Open Category

Innovative cybersecurity proposals that do not fulfil any of the Challenge Statements can be submitted under the “Open Category”. The proposal should clearly explain the issue(s) that …

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