CS01: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Audit Data Analytics

Build an application to take in data files, perform query and data extraction, and have analytics, dashboarding and reporting capabilities.

CS02: 360 Cyber Fusion Analytics for IT/OT/IoT Convergence

Develop a cyber fusion analytics engine that correlates, converges and contextualise information, reports and threats from …

CS03: Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Remediation Management System

Develop a solution to conduct cybersecurity risk and compliance assessments – from identification to remediation, and leverage on the same data set to calculate the return of …

CS04: Purple Team
Email Filter and Phishing

Develop a comprehensive anti-phishing solution to identify and filter phishing emails with a high degree of accuracy based on machine learning, and leverage on the same data set to …

CS05: Integrated Solution using Automation, Analytics and AI in a Defence Model for Cloud

Design and build an integrated solution using automation, analytics and AI to enhance threat detection capability, improve asset protection using automated response …

CS06: Forensic Acquisition
in the Cloud

Design and develop a web-based platform that conducts triage to search, preserve and analyse forensic artifacts from various cloud service providers (CSP).

CS07: Unified IoT Security for
Connected Products Utilising Edge Computing

Develop a centralised IoT Hub and its corresponding security architecture that integrates connected products and its ecosystem together for efficient security operations.

CS08: Threat Detection and Risk Profiling system for Maritime

Build a threat detection and risk profiling system catered for maritime vessels systems that can analyse, correlate and provide a coherent overview of threat spans across the IT, OT and IoT …

CS09: Operational Technology (OT) Honeypot

Construct a honeypot system to collect cyber-attack information for Operational Technology (OT) networks to serve as an early warning system, and provide the ability to analyse cyber …

CS10: Intelligent & Adaptive Detection Models for OT Systems

Build a digital twin with a detection engine model to detect security incidents and unauthorised commands through packet inspection. The detection engine should be able to adapt to …

CS11: Breach and Attack Simulator (BAS) for an Internet of Things (IoT) connected Power Grid

Develop a Breach and Attack Simulator (BAS) for IoT devices like Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points to continuously identify potential …

CS12: Supply Chain Security: Detection of Malicious Code and Vulnerabilities within Software Patches for IT/OT Environments

Provide a solution that can scan and review software and system patches of commercial software and applications commonly used in an IT/OT environment so as to identify malicious code …

CS13: Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Sharing in Healthcare

Detect and de-identify PII automatically, and manage secure data sharing in a scalable and efficient manner

CSOC: Open Category

Innovative cybersecurity proposals that do not fulfil any of the Challenge Statements can be submitted under …

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