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Participating Organisations:

Participating Organisations:

2021 Challenge Statements

CS01: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Audit Data Analytics

Build an application to be able to take in data files, perform query, data extraction, analytics, dashboarding and reporting capabilities.

CS02: 360 Cyber Fusion Analytics for IT/OT/IoT Convergence

Develop a cyber fusion analytics engine that correlates, converges and contextualise information, reports and threats from ...

CS03: Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Remediation Management System

Develop a solution to conduct cybersecurity risk and ...

CS04: Purple Team
Email Filter and Phishing

Develop a comprehensive anti-phishing solution to identify ...

CS05: Integrated Solution using Automation, Analytics and AI in defense model for Cloud

Design and build an integrated solution using automation, analytics and AI to enhance threat detection capability, improve asset protection using automated response ...

CS06: Forensic Acquisition
in the Cloud

Design and develop a web-based platform that conducts triage to search, preserve and analyse forensic artifacts from various cloud service providers (CSP).

CS07: Unified IoT Security for
Connected Products Utilising Edge Computing

Develop a centralised IoT Hub and its corresponding security architecture that integrates connected products and its ecosystem together for efficient security operations

CS08: Threats Detection and Risk Profiling system for Maritime

Build a threat detection and risk profiling system catered for maritime vessels systems that can analyse, correlate and provide a coherent overview of threat spans across the IT, OT and IoT ...

CS09: Operational Technology (OT) Honeypot

Construct a honeypot system to collect cyber-attack information for Operational Technology (OT) network which serves as an early warning system, and has the capability to analyse cyber ...

CS10: Intelligent & Adaptive Detection Models for OT Systems

Build a digital twin with a detection engine model to detect security incidents and unauthorised commands through packet inspection. The detection engine should be able to adapt to ...

CS11: Breach and Attack Simulator (BAS) for an Internet of Things (IoT) connected Power Grid

Develop a Breach and Attack Simulator (BAS) for IoT devices like AMI and EV charging points to continuously identify potential vulnerabilities and weakness in deployed end-point devices ...

CS12: Supply Chain Security: Detection of Malicious Code and Vulnerabilities within Software Patches for IT/OT Environments

Provide a solution that can scan and review software and system patches of commercial software and applications commonly used in an IT/OT environment so as to identify malicious code ...

CS13: Protection of PII and Data Sharing in Healthcare

Automated detection and de-identification of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), and manage secure data sharing in a scalable and efficient manner

CSOC: Open Category

Innovative cybersecurity proposals that do not fulfil any of the Challenge Statements can be submitted under the "Open Category". The proposal should clearly explain the issue(s) that ...

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