2018 Awardees

Participating Organisations:

Participating Organisations:

2018 Challenge Statements

CS01: Operational Technology Intrusion Detection Systems

Seeking innovative OT intrusion detection solutions based on the normalcy of known process models, abnormality of networks ...

CS02: Operational Technology Log Analysis

A platform to collect and translate logs from different OT system to a common language (the underlying semantics of the logs)..

CS03: Advanced Threat Monitoring

Seeking innovative solutions that will address Advanced Threat Monitoring

CS04: Securing Social and Digital Platforms from Phishing and Malicious URL Redirects

Seeking innovative solutions to improve real time analysis and detection capabilities ...

CS05: Customer / User Data Security and Privacy

Seeking innovative solutions including efficient customer data collection and consolidation from various touch points ...

CS06: Reducing Human Vulnerabilities in Security Systems to Achieve Better Security Compliance

Seeking innovative tools to educate their users and provide for timely interventions in the event of unfavourable user behaviour.

CS07: Patch Management and Vulnerability in Operational Technology Environment

Seeking innovative solutions including the cost effective assessment of the interdependency impact of the patches and patched systems ...

CS08: Securing IoT/Cloud Systems in Building Management

Seeking frameworks and innovative solutions that would reduce the risk and at the same time allow for quicker adoption of these IOT/Cloud systems in a scalable way.

CS09: Effective evaluation of the Security Posture of Outsourced Partner’s Systems

Seeking proposals on innovative solutions to improve the assurance mechanism ...

CS10: Intelligent management of Identity Access Management and Governance

Seeking innovative identity access management and governance solutions based on the AI concept ...

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