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What is Cybersecurity Industry Call For Innovation (“The CyberCall”)?2022-06-06T07:46:36+08:00

The CyberCall encourages collaborations between cybersecurity companies and end-users by facilitating the matching of industry proposals to end-user challenges and supporting the co-development of innovative cybersecurity solutions in Singapore. Awarded companies will receive funding support of up to S$1,000,000 for up to 24 months.

What are the selection criteria?2022-06-06T07:47:24+08:00

A range of criteria including but not limited to the Quality of Proposed Solution (innovativeness, feasibility, reasonable budget and meeting the organisation needs), Wider Applicability & Benefit (potential to commercialise solution and industry-wide adoption) and Team Competency.

Who is eligible to participate this Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation? Can overseas solution providers participate?2022-06-06T07:48:08+08:00

All Singapore registered companies are eligible to participate CyberCall. Overseas firms that are not registered in Singapore must show intention to develop the solution in Singapore shall they be awarded with Cybersecurity Co-Innovation and Development Fund Scheme. All companies must ensure that at least 50% of the manpower employed in the project are Singapore Citizens and/or Singapore PRs.

What can be funded under this CyberCall?2022-06-06T07:49:16+08:00

Companies can potentially obtain funding for expenditure relating to manpower (technical employee) who are based out of Singapore, professional services, and equipment and/or software required to develop the innovative solution. Funded work has to be conducted in Singapore with at least 50% being Singaporeans / Singapore PRs. Final approved funding is up to the discretion of CSA.

Can individuals or start-ups submit proposals for CyberCall?2022-06-06T07:50:18+08:00

Individuals will be required to register a company or partner an enterprise in order to tap on the Cybersecurity Co-Innovation and Development Fund (CCDF).

My company already have a product that performs some of the requirements set out in the challenge, can I submit my proposal?2022-06-06T07:53:01+08:00

If there is part of the challenge statement requirements that can be solved by the current solution, CSA will fund only the development of new features that will fulfil the remaining challenge statement requirements.

How many challenge statements can a company submit proposals for?2022-06-06T07:53:18+08:00

A company can submit proposals to more than one challenge statement, but one proposal can only address one challenge statement.

Can I make changes to my application after submitting it? Do I resubmit the application if I revise the proposal?2022-06-06T07:55:51+08:00

Kindly refrain from resubmitting a new application. Please contact the organiser at info@cybercall.sg with the specific changes you wish to make. However, substantive changes to the application after the closing date will not be entertained.

Who will evaluate the submitted proposals?2023-09-19T19:10:36+08:00

A panel comprising of CSA, participating organisations and expert panels decided by CSA will evaluate the proposals. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted to officially submit their final proposals by Jan 2024.

Does CSA own the Intellectual Property (IP) for the developed solution?2022-06-06T07:56:45+08:00

CSA does not own any Intellectual Property (IP) for solutions developed under this programme.

What do I do if I have queries regarding this initiative?2024-06-24T15:53:42+08:00

Please send in your queries to cybercall@cybersg.sg.