What is Cybersecurity Industry Call For Innovation about?2021-08-25T05:29:43+00:00

The Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation (“The Call”) encourages collaborations between cybersecurity companies and end-users by facilitating the matching of industry proposals to end-user challenges and support the co-development of innovative cybersecurity solutions in Singapore. Awarded companies will receive funding support of up to S$1,000,000 for up to 24 months.

What is the evaluation criteria?2021-08-25T05:31:17+00:00

The evaluation criteria used for the submitted proposals is as follows:

  1. Quality of proposed solution
    1. Is the proposed solution innovative (i.e. not just procurement of existing products)?
    2. Does the proposed solution meet the end-user’s needs and articulate a clear plan for deployment?
  2. Wider applicability and benefit
    1. Does the proposed solution have the potential to be developed into future commercial applications?
    2. Does the proposed solution create a new feature/product, leading to a competitive edge for the Applicant?
    3. Does the proposed solution have the potential for industry-wide adoption?
    4. Is the end-user committed to implement and adopt the solution if the project is successful?
  3. Team competency / background
    1. Does the project team have the necessary expertise and appropriate track record to fulfil project deliverables?
    2. Will the project be developed in Singapore? Will the foreground IP be held by a Singapore-registered company?
    3. Will the project team comprise of 50% or more of Singaporeans / Singaporean PR?
Who is eligible to participate in the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation? Can overseas solution providers participate?2021-08-25T05:31:46+00:00

All Singapore registered companies are eligible to participate in the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation. Overseas firms that are not registered in Singapore will need to partner with a Singapore registered company in order to be eligible. All companies must ensure that at least 50% of the manpower employed in the project are Singapore citizens and/or Singapore PRs.

What does the funding cover?2021-08-25T05:32:31+00:00

Companies can potentially obtain funding for expenditures on manpower, professional services, and equipment/software. The final approved funding is at the discretion of CSA.

Can individuals or start-ups submit proposals for The Call?2021-08-25T05:32:55+00:00

The call is open to all Singapore registered companies. Individuals will be required to register a company or partner with an enterprise in order to tap on the Cybersecurity Co-Innovation and Development Fund.

How many challenge statements can a company submit proposals for?2021-08-25T05:33:41+00:00

A company can submit proposals to more than one challenge statement, but each proposal should only address one challenge statement.

Can I make changes to my application after submitting it? Do I resubmit the application if I revise the proposal?2021-08-25T05:34:15+00:00

Kindly refrain from resubmitting a new application. Please contact the organiser at info@cybercall.sg with the specific changes you wish to make. Substantive changes to the application after the closing date will not be entertained.

Who will evaluate the submitted proposals?2021-08-25T05:34:34+00:00

A panel comprising of CSA, selected end users, as well as experts invited by CSA will evaluate the proposals. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to submit their final proposals by Jan 2022.

Does CSA own the Intellectual Property (IP) for the developed solution?2021-08-25T05:34:58+00:00

CSA does not own any Intellectual Property (IP) for solutions developed under this initiative.

What do I do if I have queries regarding this initiative?2021-08-17T06:06:09+00:00

Please send in your queries to info@cybercall.sg.